If The Pieces Fit Together

by Secondary

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Boston Hall I really love this album. Hits all the right notes for me. Thanks guys Favorite track: Cardboard Fortress.
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released July 21, 2015

Produced by Matt Amelung and mastered by Kris Crummett



all rights reserved


Secondary O'Fallon, Missouri

est. 2011

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Track Name: Locked
I found a way out.
I've lost that sense of hoplessness you crave.
You feeling brave now?
I can see determinism in your face.
Would you even recognize me anymore?
I drove past the monuments outside your neighborhood
and I wonder: do you even live there anymore
or have you moved on?
I think about
Do you remember me at all?
I think about
Would you even recognize any of us anymore?
I'm glad you're gone.
I'm glad you're locked into the back of my mind.
I found a way out.
I'll watch you unravel on your own time.
Track Name: If The Pieces Fit Together
I think you've settled in a corner fit for a piece cut by design
You handle only what's expected but in time you've proven
that the goals you make can always be talked down
You talk them down, you chicken out
and you end up fulfilling your doubts

But if the pieces fit together
You always said we'd pull them out
And you're feeling satisfied with this
And try to make them fit our own way
You can forget the plans we made
You always said we'd take it all
But you cant forget
No you cant forget
How we thought them up

You always said we'd take it all
and drop the image set upon us
you always said we'd take it all

And I know this sounds abraisive
but it's coming from a place that
will never leave my heart

I looked out for you
and I watched you turn to stone
and now you're settled in
to the hole you call a home

You set foot in it and you're sinking in
and now the world has got you in it's grip
and I just find something wrong with that
You'll comply with them for a chance at pseudo-happiness
but I can see right through it
and I wont let them in

I can tell you've thought this over
I can see it in your eyes
You've lost all hope for the better lives that we've devised
But we're not the kids we were back then
I guess our dreams are at an end
but if the pieces fit together
Track Name: Debris
You take a walk with me
to a place we've been before
and tell me everything's alright
but I know that
soothing words can hold no meaning
ambitions fled from me with time
and I know that you can see it

I tried this out
A style begging me for change
It'll all work out
I'm stuttering the phrase

I doubt it's meant to keep me thinking on so long
But I can't picture this at all

It's taken me
almost a year to find
that some promises
just can't be kept

So float away, don't sink with me
The path is all rocks and debris
just keep in mind the man you wanted to be
Track Name: Cardboard Fortress
I saw you through the window
and I felt my heart sink into my chest
You never told me that you planned on moving back
I saw you through the window
You were leaving with a friend
Where have you been? Where did you go? Who did you find?

It's a self destructive conflict of my body and mind

Face down
On the floor
self health relapsed I know I've been here before
I slammed my fist down
Heard you knock at the door
A force that's pulling me too hard to ignore

And all the while
I've been staring at you from across the table
detatched from conversation
engrossed, yet disabled

You waved goodbye
You showed a smile
It cut deeper than I could describe
I'm projecting my visions of something I need
into something that could not exist
Track Name: Shake
It's been four years
since I've last had the thought
I've embraced my own reflection
on the damaged goods you've bought
And I tried to see through
but these eyes are so weak
from looking at the sun
and watching it stare back at me

I seem to call it off so early lately
and hide from the truth

And I can't change
the way you wish
things could be
But this might be
the best of what we haven't seen
and I cant breathe
just let me get to sleep

You walk a thin line between the fiction and the truth
with a story so convoluted that no one can tell it wasn't you,
or your friends, or anyone they knew
You stack a second life up against a wall made up of white lies
I hope you realize
When the pieces bend
You'll bend, you'll break, you'll fall, you'll snap, you'll shatter

When you're alone
they don't know you're breathing
they can't tell you're screaming
When you're alone
they don't know your even
broken, defeated
When you're alone
they don't know you're breathing
they can't hear you screaming

When you try to hold onto something
it falls apart and it fades like your memories
when you try to hold onto something
you try but your hands they shake
You struggle just to cling to pieces of your memories that
would make you cringe, but in my mind they're the best I'd ever had
You try to hold onto something
You try but your hands they shake
Track Name: Photographic Headache
You took the first step
and called yourself cured
and then reverted back to always feeling insecure
say something, she said to me
say anything before you leave
A lack of confidence
A scar on your mind
A faded memory of bathroom talks and leisure time

And I thought you knew
that this was only a test of your strength
that it was only your time that this takes
before things started changing

And now you radiate emotion when you're reminiscing
and you struggle like you're buried underground

As dust collects between your chapters
You feel your pages start to rip
I always knew that's what you meant
You'll never mend the trust you bent
It feels like I've wasted all of the time we've spent
Stop acting like you're innocent

You wish you could go back
and retake all of those photographs
we took when we were younger
And I wish I could go back too,
but I'd much rather take all of those
photographs without you

You're pulling your teeth
just to find some relief
from a headache you've had for days
And you're lost in your self
You're a book on the self
and your spine starts to wear away

Dust collects between your chapters
and you just want out